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Our Lady the Undoer

This world and these times are breaking my heart.  What do you do when you feel hopeless and desperate?  When the world and your life seem to be burning down and everything is out of your control?

You go to Adoration and you give it to Jesus.  You beg him to heal the brokenness.  You plead with Mary to undo all of the knots.

Sometimes I am disgusted at the rope I bring to her, the rope of my life, full of more huge knots than I care to count.

My head hangs low as I approach her; she looks at me tenderly and takes the rope from my hands.  She starts to gently undo all the knots, one after another.  She looks at me lovingly, never judging.  Never dwelling on the ugliness of the knots or the size of them.  She hands me back my rope, my life, and even though it’s knot free I can still see the kinks left over from where the knots were.  My shame lingers.

That’s when Jesus take it and smooths it out until it looks brand new again.

They both gaze lovingly at me and me at them.  Their gaze washes over me and I feel restored.

May we each come to Our Lady with the knots of our life and the knots in the world and beg her and Jesus to heal the brokenness and restore us.

Pope Francis’ prayer to Mary Undoer of Knots:

“Holy Mary, full of God’s presence during the day of your life, you accepted with full humility the Father’s will, and the devil was never capable of tying you up with his confusion.

Once with your Son you interceded for our difficulties, and full of kindness and patience, you gave us example of how to untie the knots in our life. By remaining forever Our Mother, you put in order and make more clear the ties that link us to the Lord.

Holy Mother, Mother of God and our Mother, to you who untie with a motherly heart the knots of our life, we pray to you to receive in your hands (the name of the person), and to free him/her of the knots and confusion with which our enemy attacks.

Through your grace, your intercession and your example deliver us from all evil, Our Lady, and untie the knots that prevent us from being united with God, so that we, free from sin and error, may find Him in all things, may have our hearts placed in Him, and may serve Him always in our brothers and sisters.


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Kristen Hamill

Kristen Hamill teaches Natural Family Planning in Colorado with her husband, John. In addition to raising their four young children and working part time in a tearoom, Kristen teaches Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and is an avid runner, skier and healthy living enthusiast.

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