Bellator Scriptor

Erin Bayard

Pleading the Fifth

Carrying our crosses. I haven’t been carrying mine very well. Unless whining, stomping feet, crying, and turning my head away from them is the epitome of “very well.” No? You sure?

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Melissa Kings

Closer Than You Think

I married a fireman, so these things have taken on a particular magnitude when I think especially about the “fire families” that lost their loved ones from “just another day at work”.

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Betsy Donlon

He Loved Us First

We stood before this outdoor crucifix talking and praying, and it was at this spot that he asked me to marry him.

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Franchelle Jaeger

The Shape of the Cross

He was declining rapidly in health, mind and body.  I planned to pick him up for a morning of errands and appointments. I saw his final cross tightly fastened to him as he shuffled from his house to my car with his off white shirt tucked into his dress pants. He wasn’t fit to drive

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Brad Ostrom

The Martyr’s Staircase

There’s a door in Paris that I want to see.  It’s not the grand door of a cathedral, and it doesn’t lead to a museum, but it has a story to tell. 

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