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No Need to Wash Your Face, Girl

The increase in the self-help market aimed towards women is skyrocketing. It seems like every other post on Facebook is about how to be a “Boss Babe” or a “Mom Boss”.

I am hearing constantly that I can have it all if I just “hustle”. What I’m really hearing is that the current version of me is not good enough. The current me can do more, be more and have more than I do right now and because I can, I SHOULD. And if I don’t that means I’m giving up on my dreams and giving up on myself, which in turn means I’m letting my family down. Or so they say.

I fully understand that I have the capacity and even the opportunity to achieve a “better” life if I just hustle faster towards my entrepreneurial dreams. I used to try and visualize that “better” life all the time—bigger house with room for more kids, my husband retiring early to spend all his time with us, taking my whole family on vacations of a lifetime, buying a house for a needy family at our church, etc. I will admit there were many holy and secular things in this dream life. Weekly cleaning service? Yes! Build a new adoration chapel? Yes! I had huge dreams; dreams for how I was going to change my life, my community and the world with my huge income.

But slowly, over time, God put a new dream in my heart. He showed me that my life, just exactly the way it is right now, is enough.

He has shown me that my impact on the world will be meaningful (maybe even huge!) but it will be quiet.

He has shown me that sometimes all you need to impact your community is to invite a lonely neighbor over for coffee.

Instead of trying to change the world with a financial impact, I choose to remain obedient to my reality. This is where He has placed me and there is plenty of work for me to do right here, right now (can you hear that baby crying in the background?!).

Saint Mother Teresa said it best—“Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the one nearest to you.”

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Picture of Kristen Hamill

Kristen Hamill

Kristen Hamill teaches Natural Family Planning in Colorado with her husband, John. In addition to raising their four young children and working part time in a tearoom, Kristen teaches Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and is an avid runner, skier and healthy living enthusiast.

10 thoughts on “No Need to Wash Your Face, Girl”

  1. In the midst of wedding planning, my fiance moving long distance, significant changes at work, and trying to find a way to stay balanced, I needed this. Thank you!

  2. Lovely reminder of the spiritual power of one. He is in us and we are in Him, our brokenness allows His light to shine through us. Community is where we shine best. So love your next door neighbor, speak to everyone, let His light shine.

  3. This is a great reminder as I walk into 2019! The pressure to always “do” more is constantly there. Sometimes we just need to stop and smell the roses. Life is good!!


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