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The Balm of the Psalms

I don’t necessarily think of myself as lazy. To be honest, I think it is kinda tough to be a mom and be lazy, but that is another topic for another time.

 That said, I “pass” on a lot of extracurricular prayer options.

I’m not part of my parish’s weekly prayer group for women (interferes with soccer practice). I don’t make it to daily mass very often (work commute). I have been able to drag myself out of the house for our parish apologetics series on Sunday mornings. Of course, it is only eight-sessions, and I have an ulterior motive there–the speaker is super cute and wise [disclaimer:  the speaker gave me my wedding ring].

Recognizing my inability to commit to a lot of the options put forth by my church, I’ve been trying to find something doable to up my prayer game.

One of the apologetics sessions earlier this month was about scripture as prayer, and the nugget that I took away was related to the Psalms. A recommendation was put forth about reading the Psalms daily as another source of prayer, to spend some time just reflecting on one Psalm and unpacking it. I think the deacon put it out there somewhat offhandedly, but that remark got stuck in my brain on repeat for the last few days.

As an American Catholic, I feel like my own personal emotions have been up and down lately.

Between church scandals (plural), political landmines (again, plural), and the shift in our overall culture, I have been sad, angry, concerned, lost, fearful … you get the idea. It would be difficult to find a human emotion that is not depicted in at least one of the Psalms. You have lamenting (plenty of lamenting), anger, love, rejoicing, thanksgiving. David and the other Psalm writers weren’t holding back!

The Psalms may not be new, but a daily Psalm reflection could give words to some of the emotions I have right now, not to mention help balance my outlook (I probably need a little less lamenting and a little more thanksgiving, personally). Of course, it doesn’t hurt that such a reflection could be done at a soccer field or in the adoration chapel.

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Brooke Glover

Brooke is the slacker wife to a wise and holy deacon of the Catholic Church, and also a mom to a sportsaholic son and budding thespian daughter.

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