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You Did Enough

As mothers, we are so hard on ourselves. We endure sleepless nights, lack of nutrition, days without showers, and a car that also serves as a restaurant, closet, office and mode of transportation – all so we can be the best mom we can!

We take our job very seriously, and sometimes we are in secret competition with others like us.

Every day we are planning our next move, and there is no room for error because others, including our children, are watching our performance!

Thinking back, there are many things I’ve done as a mom that I regret, because it was driven with the desire for perfection, not responsibility in my vocation as a wife and mother. I felt my mom made a ton of mistakes, and I vowed to be better than her!

It’s probably those commercials I saw in the 90s: “Thanks Mom”!

I wanted that acknowledgement too – “I single-handedly raised this genius, who is so perfect and cute and is the epitome of greatness!” As I write this, I can’t stop laughing. I can’t believe I desired that which is IMPOSSIBLE, and not important!

Yet, when my son graduated from high school this year, and walked onto that stage in front of an auditorium of friends of family that’s what I questioned…did I do enough? He is now 18, and an adult to government standards. He will be leaving for college to chase his dream as a musician, and my time is up!

All I could think about was my performance over these past 18 years. And the Emmy goes to…

I felt like an idiot, and at the same time, I knew I was not the only one who thought about the same thing. As mothers we’re raising children of God who serve the Lord and love others. We should raise them to become models of faith and service, which is more important than the superficial nonsense I had been driven to create. I can confidently say that I taught my children about God, and how much he loves all of us. I encouraged them to serve others with love and mercy, so the world would come to know the glory of God.

Yes, I did enough this time. Perhaps, I did more than enough, but it is I who am grateful that God entrusted me to do it!

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Picture of Jo Holt

Jo Holt

Jo is a carpooling, multi-tasking wife and mother of three whimsical teenagers, who frequents the sacraments and finds humor while juggling her complicated life and praying for the gift of bi-location, so she can enjoy the art of simplicity.

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