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Recesses of our soul,

“Deep within”

“I will plant My Law”

Lies within us. . .


Fear of failure

Fear of success

Judas advances

betrays with a kiss.


Fear of rejection

Fear of openness

Surely you were with him. . .

Peter denies.


Fear of differences

Fear of the same

Fear of inadequate

Fear that you will forget My Name.


For each of you,

I have given my life.

“Not on stone,

but in your heart.”


A mirror shows,

See, you, through My Eyes.

A pearl, a treasure,

You are my prize.


“Follow me”

Calm you fears,

you need not attack

Dry your tears.

“I will bring you back.”


My Father is faithful

“You will be my own,”

Blood and water flow from jammed rod.

“And I will be your God.”

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Picture of Melissa Kings

Melissa Kings

Melissa Kings is a teacher at a Catholic school. She loves teaching and discussing our faith.

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