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When God Wrecks Your Romance

Many of us have experienced the struggles of discerning a vocation or the heartbreak that comes with bad timing and unrequited love. My personal struggles involve a relationship I was certain I was supposed to be in, but it was one in which God had closed the door.

A couple years had passed and I was still feeling pain from the situation.

I was at a particularly difficult place in time when I read a new book, When God Wrecks Your Romance by Amanda Vernon and Matt Fase CSC.  It’s a true story based on a now-married woman and a priest.

The book bounces back between their two perspectives as they discuss their interactions and feelings from the time they first met to the present day.

It’s a story that highlights the way in which “bad timing” can really be a blessing in disguise while reminding us that every person placed in our lives is there for a reason.

The ways in which their lives have changed because of their heartbreak and how they, in turn, have led others to Christ is incredible. Reading their honest accounts has given me a new perspective and an incredible sense of peace surrounding my own situation.

The sadness that was once overwhelming is now eased with a hope at what is to come.

Trusting in His plan is easier said than done, but this book is a wonderful reminder of how the Father is working outside of our knowledge.

While this book tells the story of a situation involving a married woman and a priest, it definitely applies to anyone and everyone. One of the most important things I’m taking away from this book is the renewed sense that God’s plan for me is so much greater than my own.

I know that the struggles I have had are not out of sight, but I know that God is carrying me through those moments for a reason.

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