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Broken Vessel

I have been a Catholic since October of 1979. I was about 2 weeks old when I was received into the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church.

Held by my godfather the waters of new life were poured over my tiny head by a man, a bishop in the Catholic Church.  I was baptized that day by a man who would decades later be posthumously accused of sexual abuse of a young male in his diocese.

My baptism was the greatest gift I could receive in this life, even if it came through a broken vessel. 

I have attended Mass every Sunday since I can remember. I have attended baptisms, confirmations, first holy communions, ordinations, weddings, and funerals. I have sat through good homilies, bad homilies, liturgical dancing, and extraordinary forms.

I go because I need the  life I receive through the Sacraments. 

I have read the articles, and chatted the banter, and thought the thoughts about the latest scandal to break upon the Church. I have been let down. You have been let down. We all have been let down.

It hurts to try to live a holy life, and then be let down by those who claimed to be helping you lead that holy life.

But, I am still in the pew for that homily, good or bad. I come for that which continues to bring me life no matter what new scandal is on the horizon: The Sacraments.

So, I encourage you, my fellow scandalized, hurting, disappointed sister or brother in Christ:  cling to that which won’t let you down. Cling to the Sacraments. Go to those priests and bishops, the ones standing up for us, and the ones who have let us down, and demand the Sacraments. We need them more than ever right now.

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Picture of Teresa Ferri

Teresa Ferri

Nestled in the muddy hills outside of Nashville, Teresa is a mom to eight, wife to one, and daughter of the King. In between doing laundry and kissing boo-boos she homeschools her kids. And when they are safely tucked into their beds at night she can be found snuggled up with a good book, a glass of wine, and her husband.

1 thought on “Broken Vessel”

  1. I am one of the many who are hurting, disapppinted and angry about the sex abuse scandal. My heart is bleeding for the victims and their life sentences.
    I am struggling with my faith in the church.
    I continue to go to mass every Sunday to thank God for all his many blessings and because I need the sacrament of holy communion, my weekly hug from God. It sustains me and helps me to continue to try to be the person God wants me to become.
    Your powerful message reminded me why I keep going to mass and how much I need the sacraments.
    God bless you for your timely message and for helping to begin to strengthen my faith in the church once again.


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