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The Word makes us a Holy Family

Christ chose to be born and grow up in the bosom of the holy family with Joseph and Mary. The Church is nothing other than “the family of God.” From the beginning, the core of the Church was often constituted by those who had become believers “together with all [their] household” (cf. Acts 18:8) (CCC, 1655).

Today, we celebrate the feast of the Holy Family. . .the cell of love and grace that God Incarnate chose to enter into our humanity.  In His goodness, He also chooses to form each of us through family–often holy, sometimes broken, but always meant to gather us in communion and charity as tiny “domestic churches.”

Families–big, small, growing, grown-up, adoptive, fostering–are all beautiful in God’s sight.  By His Word, he makes us a family.  By His grace, we pray that He makes us holy.

We want to share with you this special Bellator Society video that honors God’s enormous creativity in forming the Eddy family.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, make us a holy family. Amen


Fran and Tracy

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Fran & Tracy

Fran & Tracy

Fran and Tracy are Bellator Society Co-Founders. They sometimes write together even when they are miles apart—it’s no small miracle.

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