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The Sacrament of Motherhood

We are trying to do something special here at Bellator Society.

Our mission is to present the true, good, and beautiful.  This is our tribute to all Mothers–those who carry babies in in their wombs, those who carry children in their arms, and those who carry others in their hearts with an undeniable motherly love.

Your motherhood is true; it is good; it is beautiful.

One particularly beautiful part of our Catholic faith is Sacrament.  It is, as St. Augustine teaches, an outward sign of inward grace instituted by Jesus for our sanctification.  We have 7 Sacraments in the Catholic Church which are specific rites that infuse us with God’s grace.  They are mysterious and beautiful and effective.  But, our loving Father does not stop there. . .He allows motherhood to impart His grace in ways that are nothing short of miraculous.

Happy Mother’s Day.


Fran and Tracy

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Picture of Fran & Tracy

Fran & Tracy

Fran and Tracy are Bellator Society Co-Founders. They sometimes write together even when they are miles apart—it’s no small miracle.

4 thoughts on “The Sacrament of Motherhood”

  1. I’m happy you listed the 7 sacraments of the Church as a reminder to all..but the title of this blog post is a little misleading. You can talk about motherhood and God’s grace without seemingly adding a faux “sacrament” (and then reminding us motherhood is not in fact a sacrament).

    • Hello Gloria! You make a great point and one that we considered in the telling of the story and in it presentation–we even had a consultations with trusted and very orthodox experts to make sure we were getting it right! I am so sorry if the title misled you. Of course, we are approaching the “sacrament of motherhood” from an entirely poetic position, not in reference to the strictly ecclesiastical rites of the 7 Sacraments. The word “sacrament” is often used within the church apart from the 7 Sacraments. For instance, theologically we refer to Jesus as a sacrament of the Father or the Church being a sacrament of Christ. The general sense of the word “sacrament” lifts our minds to the idea of the mysterious ways in which our Lord affects the temporal world by His grace. In fact, the orignal Christian sense of “sacrament” is related to the Greek “mysterion.” We have certainly codified the term for our 7 Sacraments, but we should, as Christians and as faithful Catholics, be completely comfortable using the word without worry of a false sense.

      This little article from EWTN should be a big help!

      We do believe that motherhood is a sacrament, a mystery,–it is one of the most beautiful ways God uses our bodies and our senses to pour into us His abundant life of grace.

      Thank you for your comment!


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