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St. Joseph, Patron of Bonus Parents

Tomorrow, I will be celebrating Father’s Day for the first time with my husband.  He has been a father for nearly 14 years now, but I have only been in their lives for a couple of years and 2019 marks our inaugural Father’s Day together as an official family.

Maybe it sounds odd to you, dear reader…that I can relate to St. Joseph as we approach the weekend celebrating Dad-bods, BBQ grills, ESPN, World’s Greatest Dad coffee mugs, fishing, and lazy golf days.

The man who graciously and lovingly pledged to raise Jesus as his own and to protect him as only a father can is a saint I relate to because I’m a bonus Mom!

That is my connection with St. Joseph, who witnessed Jesus’ birth and experienced all of our Savior’s “firsts” with his wife, our Blessed Mother.  But I can only imagine the tiny bit of separation he felt, knowing his Son was the Son of God, and not his own flesh and blood.  Joseph was Jesus’ foster father and I am raising another woman’s son.

Ever since we have been together, I have been trying to “make up” for lost time.

I wasn’t in their lives when Evan was born. I wasn’t around for any of his momentous firsts…his first steps, his first words, his first haircut.  Which in turn means, I didn’t share these moments with my husband either.

I have zero control over the past.  All I can do is let go, let God, and treasure every moment I have with Eric and our man-child son, Evan.

I wanted to share a lovely and sweet prayer I recently discovered known as St. Joseph’s Blessing…can’t you imagine St. Joseph on bended knees, giving God all the glory??

May the poverty of my sweet and suffering little Child be your riches. His sighs and His tears the consolation of your days. The love of His adorable Heart your earthly treasure, your all. And the clear vision of His adorable and glorified humanity be your eternal joy and recompense. Amen

God bless all the Fathers and Bonus Dads out there, doing their best to guide their children, biological or otherwise, to be strong, faith filled and heaven bound adults.  I know how quickly the years will fly by and I know we will blink and Evan will be gone, making his own decisions, washing his own clothes, courting his own sweetheart, and starting his own family.

St. Joseph, pray for us.

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Kerry Moody

Kerry grew up in a Catholic household, where you never missed Sunday Mass, unless you were suffering from a bleeding head wound or similar injury.

2 thoughts on “St. Joseph, Patron of Bonus Parents”

  1. Yes, you nailed it! Thank you Lady Moody for sharing your heart! Sacrificial and unrestrained- to give love as Christ does for us! Happy Daddy’s Day all.


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