St. John the Baptist’s Prayer

Today’s Guest Contributor is Vera Zawislak, friend of Bellator Society (and our ahhhhhmazing crafter of our Bellator Balsam Bars and Garland of Roses Lotion Bars).
I recently was given St. John the Baptist’s prayer as a penance.

“More of you, less of me.”

I had never heard this prayer. I love it for so many reasons. It’s simple. Easy to memorize. It cuts to the chase. It’s meditative. It allows a freedom for the Holy Spirit to lead me.
However- I’m embarrassed to say how many times I have caught myself saying, “More of ME, less of you”.
That’s a rude awakening. The first time it occurred to me that I had the “prayer” switched, I cringed at myself–WOW. Really?

So I got back on track.

Breath in: More of you. Breath out. Less of me. My anxiety dissipated, my awareness of other’s needs increased allowing me to set ME aside and serve OTHERS. Ie: my family.
Breath in: More of me. Breath out. Less of you. SNAP!!! A real focus on breathing again and some real honest reflection on where my heart is.
I have become painfully conscious of how often I indulge in self instead of others—

Die to self.

The magnitude of difference in the life of my family is clear when I get this prayer right. There is much peace, joy, gratitude, contentment.
It’s only when chaos is ensuing that I realize my prayer has once again been warped. 
My battle to die to self will be endless. I can’t get away from me. However– I can make less of me by focusing more on Jesus.
A wife and mother of eight on a daily pilgrimage recognizing that “yes” makes all the difference in the world and learning to declare dependence on God to carry me on the journey.

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