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St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: Providential Care

A favorite principle I live by is,

“There are no coincidences; everything is gifted within God’s providential care.”

I didn’t come by this little gem until I was in my 30’s…. and, dare I say it – this wasn’t a coincidence!

I began to apply this principle to various areas in my life. Life experiences, memories, interests, daily occurrences big and small were all slowly pondered and pressure washed with questions like: Where was the Lord and His grace during this time? What was He teaching me? How does this apply to who God has created me to be for His Kingdom? Confident that there really was a reason (even if I wasn’t aware of it) for all the happenings in my life, because of grace and with grace, my searching was fruitful!

One of these juicy bits was a re-introduction to my Confirmation saint.

Elizabeth Ann Seton. A picture of this woman hung on a wall….in some building….that I saw… some point…as a 14 year old kid. I had been having a hard time choosing a Confirmation saint. To my child self, she seemed as good as any other choice, and so it was that Elizabeth Ann Seton became my patron.

Fast forward 15 years, neck deep in pressure washing my past and aware of God’s providential care, I dug a little deeper into the woman whose picture hung on that unmemorable wall.

I found a kindred spirit in this late 18th century native New Yorker whose purpose for the Kingdom was so similar to my own. As a wife, mother, sister, convert, and teacher, this woman was called to trust, lead, listen, follow and instruct in ways very much like myself. I found a model and a friend. God’s providential care is a marvelous thing!

I think Mother Seton saw one of her little ones wondering the hall that day and called her to attention, if only momentarily, all those years ago. She knew I would need her intercession and guidance. Coincidence? I think not.

What is one of your favorite ‘non-coincidence’ experiences of God’s providential care?!

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