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Ecumenism Series: Southern Baptist Girl

Today’s Bellator Guest Contributor is Sarah Beth Lowe, friend of the Bellator Society.


My name is Sarah Beth and I am a Southern Baptist. If you aren’t familiar with this denomination a short synopsis would be- We grew up going to church Wednesday evenings, Sunday mornings and some Sunday nights. We knew about the importance of going into the mission field at an early age and participated in mission trips. Billy Graham is our hero and Beth Moore is the woman we would most like to have coffee with.

I had an early introduction to Catholicism as my mother, a southern Baptist from the Delta, married my dad, a Catholic from Illinois.

My dad was one of 12 children. Enter more info here!!! When I was young my dad would attend mass across the street from our Baptist church while we were in Sunday School class. We would meet up for “Big Church” after mass to all watch my mom sing in the choir. I never thought anything of it.

I always admired my dad’s dedication and faith.

My family was relocated to a new town and it was at this time that my dad decided he would go to church with our family, but he would still attend mass during holidays and to this day he still practices lent.

Though I had attended mass with my father a few times as a child it was not until college that I learned more about Catholicism.  I don’t know how it happened, but literally every roommate I had during my four years at Ole Miss was Catholic. I remember my sophomore year, my roommate lost her car keys so she started praying to Saint Anthony. I didn’t have a clue what was going on, but she was adamant this was a helpful way to find something you have lost.

Being one of the only non-catholics in our group I would attend Sunday morning church alone. I was always so jealous that my friends had each other to go with and that there was such a strong since of unity when there is only one church in town. If you ever drive around your city you will probably notice lots of churches of the same denomination. We used to say in my town there was a church and a tanning bed (we didn’t know they were bad) on every corner.

The Catholics in town worshiped under one house of the Lord and I thought that was such a gift to have.

One of the other things I have always loved about the Catholic church are the many opportunities to attend mass. We could be tailgating in the grove and just finished cheering on our football team, but my friend Christine’s mom would make sure they got to Saturday night mass. If Christine was not able to attend that weekend, she would attend Monday morning daily mass.

I mean how awesome is it that you never have a reason to miss worship?!

After college, I had the pleasure of working with and later living with my dear friend Tracy who was (shocker) a Catholic. Though I did attend church alone on Sunday mornings, I would occasionally attend mass with her. Looking back, I am sure it might have seemed odd others, but I grew up with a mother that always told us as long as you are worshipping in the house of the Lord and love Jesus, it didn’t matter what church it was.

I adore my Catholic friends and admire their incredible faith and strength.

They act like true sisters in Christ. What a lovely example for all of us.


We are a little giddy to share Sarah Beth Lowe with Bellator Society today!  She is a friend to all who know her. She has an inner beauty that exudes joy, love and life only to be matched by her outer beauty. This gorgeous lady is a wife and mother to three boys. She has a belly laugh that is contagious and loves the Lord with all her heart! She also happens to be a fabulous realtor with Janet Jones in Little Rock. If you are looking to buy or sell, look her up!  We’d buy anything she’s selling!  We love you, SB!

Love, Tracy and Fran

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  1. Wow!! Sara Beth!! Your writing is incredible!! I’m very impressed with your humor , yet the depth with which you explained your subject matter!! You are such a beautiful young woman, inside and out!! I love you sweet lady !!


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