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Seven Days a Week

Summer 2019 is underway and in full swing! With the end of school schedules and the routines of the rest of the year, it is easy to feel a little scattered as the summer schedule (or lack thereof) takes over.

Several years ago, my children and I translated and reinvented the simplicity of the popular social media days (Man Crush Monday, Twin Tuesday, Woman Crush Wednesday, Throw back Thursday and Flashback Friday) into acronyms with attainable resolutions that have helped us grow each day in holiness.

If one or two days were missed, there was no need to stress- because of the repetition of these daily acronyms, we just carried on and moved forward with the next day and its resolution. We have found that each day reminds us of time for ourselves, thoughtfulness, worship, thanksgiving, forgiveness, silence, and rest. I hope these simple daily reminders can help in your growth and path to holiness throughout the days of summer. . .and beyond!.

“Sabbath Sunday”

Sunday is the day to keep holy and glorify God. We are to rest just as God rested on the 7th day of creation. He gave us this example- we simply should follow His lead and rest while honoring Him in His glory.

“Me Monday”

Mondays can be tough with the start of a new week. There naturally seems to be increased stress when the alarm goes off Monday morning which is why a moment on Monday is dedicated to me. I either exercise or take a walk, slowly enjoy a cup of coffee, before folding-wrap myself in a warm towel fresh out of the dryer, take a power nap, sing while driving, skim a magazine, or indulge in chocolate. Mondays have built-in moments for me.

“Thoughtful Tuesday”

Tuesdays are dedicated to thinking of others- to see the good in others, to help others, to pray for others, to simply be selfless placing emphasis and focus on the needs others. Thoughtfulness fosters compassion which fosters humility which leads to God.

“Worship Wednesday”

Wednesday is mid week. Worshiping God in an extra way (a prayer, Mass, adoration hour, rosary, Bible study etc) is important to help keep my mind centered and focused on Christ. If I’ve been distracted by the world, Wednesdays remind me to bring my mind back to God.

“Thankful Thursday”

Thankfulness is beautiful. It’s the language of love and the language of God. Thanking others and most importantly God is key in growing in holiness. Be thankful on Thursdays.

“Forgiving Friday”

Forgiveness is humbling. God can work with a humble heart. God is forgiveness. Fridays I think of those whom I have offended and ask for their forgiveness. I also accept forgiveness from those who have offended me.

“Silent Saturday”

Silence is golden…on Saturdays I try hard to hold my tongue- to not speak unkindly of another and to rein in any words that may insult or hurt another. It’s also a day to be silent on social media- no scrolling, no posting, no time wasting. Saturday is silent in order to get all my chores and errands done so that I can rest the following day and begin again with “Sabbath Sunday.”

Seven days a week keeping God in a moment of time. Without Him, in a moment of time, seven days will make us weak.

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Picture of Angie Elser

Angie Elser

Angie writes from Little Rock, Arkansas. She is the mother of six children and co-founder of the MOMMS (Mothers of Major and Minor Seminarians) Prayer watch for the Diocese of Little Rock.

4 thoughts on “Seven Days a Week”

  1. Angie,
    Thank you for sharing. What I’ve learned over the years it’s about being consistent and keeping it simple. There is beauty in these great words you have shared.
    Thank you


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