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Prayer of a Young Mother

Lord, today when I rise, may it be in silence. If not, may you help me obtain my interior quiet on this day. Give me the grace and time to pray; to be close to you in the chaos and noise.

If my prayer time does not look as I hoped let it be enough to grow our love. Speak to me in the moments I spend with my children. Evoke change in my heart.

In the midst of the mess, let me remember how imperfect I am and how much I need you. When I don’t have time for the superficial, make-up, doing my hair, or finding the clothes I hoped I’d washed, let me be reminded of how I should long for the perfection of Heaven, not of this earth.

Let me not get caught up in appearance of myself, my home, or my van.

When the dishes sit for three days because of a sick kid, or not because of a sick kid, and when my laundry has filled the floor so much that I cannot walk through it, let me remember the beautiful souls I have to dress and and how my work should not distract me from them but give me a grateful heart because of the gift they are.

When my children hurt, when a boo boo is dramatic, when things are loud, and when the nonsense is just nonsensical, allow me to be empathetic, kind, and firm but gentle about how to be tough and strong. Help my emotions not take over.

Help me not to yell.

Lord, remind me of your love for me when I forget it. Remind me that I have been entrusted to show You to my child. Your mercy is what they need. And the mercy I pour out to them and their dad is how they learn to live it. Give me the grace for this, Lord.

Allow me the wisdom to be unattracted to and undistracted by the unneeded work, apps, emails and desires that take my eyes and heart away from their eyes and needs.

Allow my interruptions to be you calling me, Lord. Allow me to answer You with joy.

Lord, allow me to be patient with a supernatural perspective.

Allow me to be the mother you intend me to be, for these children, in this time and on this day.

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Kristi Bentley

Kristi is a wife and homeschooling mom of 5 (3 boys, 2 girls) who loves to read to her kids, dance in the kitchen, craves silence and enjoys all the books about mystics & the interior life, and has an addiction to Tate’s gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

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