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Podcast: Jimmy Mitchell and Love Good

We chatted this week with Jimmy Mitchell from Love Good.

Have you heard of Love Good?  If you listened to our #CatholicClick podcast a few weeks ago, you have!  We were so fortunate to get Jimmy to spend some time talking to us about his vision for raising standards in media consumption–books, music, art, film–and changing our hearts and the world in the process.

You don’t want to miss this Bellator Colloquium episode. . .and share it with anyone you think might like the invitation to level up in the stuff we consume through media.

Also, you probably want a house concert.  Jimmy tells us how!  And, if you are so impressed and want to become a Love Good patron (and we hope you join us in doing so!), be sure to tell Jimmy that Bellator Society sent you!


Fran and Tracy

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Fran & Tracy

Fran and Tracy are Bellator Society Co-Founders. They sometimes write together even when they are miles apart—it’s no small miracle.

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