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On My Street

Genesis sells
New homes, new creation
Behind our border wall
Old problems, separation.

She loves her
With a heart for helping
Years go by
(In)fertility, surprising.

Trooper watches,
fireman protects
My age, my time
The clock connects.

At the end,
A family of five,
Alone their father
Takes all to bike ride.

Can one person have
Too many things?
New arrivals- boats, cars, trucks.
What do they really bring?

Lush lawn lines
We all must
Clean-cut grass
After it, we lust.

I live in Anywhere, USA
And on my street I see
A street of love,
speaking differently.

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Picture of Melissa Kings

Melissa Kings

Melissa Kings is a teacher at a Catholic school. She loves teaching and discussing our faith.

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