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New Year, New Victories

Ah, hello 2020! A brand-new year and a fresh start to whatever we decide. A lot of us still write down a list of resolutions we hope to accomplish during the year. Some of us carefully divide them into categories.

Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Family, Social, Career and Financial are the main popular divisions.

Why is it so important to plan to change? To make a list we can work on checking off? Because it really works. Research has shown again and again that making goals, writing them down and ticking them off keeps our focus and results in the change we are looking for!

New beginnings are exciting and full of hope.

I can take my resolutions and break them down into small, manageable chunks to accomplish them. I can make a game plan to conquer each goal. If my first goal is to read more spiritual books in 2020, I can pick 12 books from Catholic authors and saints and plan to read 1 a month. If I want to attend daily Mass, I can start by adding First Fridays and plan to increase to all Fridays.

Will I fail? Will I stop completely my lofty plans and succumb back to my previous 2019 self? Sometimes yes.

The whole list of resolutions may fade from my mind’s eye as January turns to February.

But if I notice myself slipping, I can catch myself and renew my energies toward accomplishing my resolutions.

What am I looking for when I set a goal? When I make a resolution? I want a VICTORY over something important in my life.

As a Christian, we know that our ultimate VICTORY is in Jesus Christ who conquered death and freed us from the power of sin. Through the Sacraments, our prayer life and grace we walk with Him to find our own VICTORY at the end of our lives in Heaven. We hope to see Him face to face!

When I choose to better myself in this life, my ultimate goal should be to better my soul for the Kingdom to come.

I try to ask myself as I set my resolutions, “Is this also for my soul? Does this make me a better person? Does this draw me closer to Jesus?” If the answer is yes, I want to do that thing!

So sit down and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you this year in making some resolutions that will draw you closer to the Kingdom and make you a better version of the wonderful person God created! Dream big, trust Him and love your neighbor as yourself!

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Marietta Ward

Marietta is passionate about God, family then coffee and chocolate. She is a conservative-minded Catholic wife and mother who is Heaven-bound and loving the journey.

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