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Mother of the King of Kings

Once upon a time, a beautiful young woman gave birth to a King. Not just any King, The King of Kings. He was a perfect little boy. He would do as He was asked. He was gentle and content each day. She taught Him all about the God she loved and served. He loved her and his Father dearly. He spent almost His entire life devoted to her and by her side.

However, one day, He left.

He told her He was on his father’s mission and would go out to the world to accomplish His Father’s will. From then on, the mother would only see him infrequently. Yet, the news and gossip would tell her many different things about what her son was doing. Some bad, some good and all unordinary.

Actually, more than unordinary. Extraordinary. He was performing miracles. He was healing the sick and lame. He was casting out demons. He walked on water. He multiplied food. He raised people from the dead.

The beautiful mother knew her son was special and doing exactly what He was supposed to do. She had been told prior to His birth that He would do great things. The specifics were amazing but that He was special was undoubtedly known.

However, one day, she was told that He was going to be executed as a blasphemer to the one God they both loved and adored so perfectly. The irony was devastating. She went and stood by while her perfect son died an agonizing and demeaning death that was usually reserved for only the most heinous of criminals.

But for all we know, Mary did not know exactly how God would finish His story of redemption.

Perhaps her son had told her prior to his death that He would rise again in three days. But the Bible does not reveal if Mary fully knew or if she simply trusted that God would save His people through their Son.

The one thing I can imagine, is the horrible suffering and pain she had to endure awaiting His plan. Waiting for the minutes and days to play out. Knowing the end was inevitable but trustworthy.

Mary experienced the most beautiful life as well as the most painful life of any woman who ever lived.

Her son was the greatest man who was ever born. She would spend most of His life with Him and know Him like no other.  Yet, very little would ever be revealed of their interactions. Mary’s story would be told over and over. But the details would be obscure and minute.

To have the greatest of motherhoods and yet to not to have it fully known is the most modest aspect of humility I can think of. Motherhood is such a self-sacrificing and humbling experience that God revealed its perfect beauty in the untold story of the one woman He set apart and chose to His mother. It is a perfect ending that the mother of the King of Kings who sacrificed everything for us, had a life so quietly hidden in God.

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Marietta is passionate about God, family then coffee and chocolate. She is a conservative-minded Catholic wife and mother who is Heaven-bound and loving the journey.

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