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I’m a simple girl.

So simple that it’s a great day if I can walk out of the house without any make-up on at all!

This particular occasion was on of those days. I was enjoying a comfortable day off from work in sweatpants; no reason to glamourize myself – there were no appointments or meetings. I picked up my youngest daughter from school and we needed to find an activity to occupy us for about 90 minutes, until my other daughter finished cheer practice.

I wasn’t dressed for shopping, as I shared before, but decided to go to a large make-up retailer at my daughter’s request. She loves makeup and probably should be a stockholder with all that she has purchased in the past year!

As we perused the aisles, I began to forget about my sweatpants and wanted to sample some products, which is highly unusual for me, because like I said, I am a simple girl. My ammo is foundation, blush, mascara and lip balm. I grew excited with the choices and selections, and kept trying more on my face, layering each one upon the other.

My daughter giggled. She asked if I was going to take the makeup off before trying another product.

Then she reminded me that both of my eyes had two different colors of eyeshadow. Feeling helpless with the overwhelming selections, I began listening to my daughter explain the brands and options effortlessly. I was so impressed with her knowledge that I began asking her questions. It was like having my own personal consultant in a 13-year old body.

It was quite humbling for me.

Like most mothers, I will give my time and wallet to my children, before giving to myself. In fact, my wallet is usually empty after passing through their hands! I haven’t invested in myself, which has affected my attitude and how I talk about myself in front of others. I also realized how talented my daughter was. Everything she recommended was natural and beautiful, and helped to accentuate my eyes and cheekbones, which I have always thought of as my best features.

Now we have a shared interest to talk about! What did she recommend? Too Faced Love Light – Ray of Light highlighter, Tarte 12-hour blush in Seduce, and Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette.


We at Bellator Society do not endorse any of the products and brands mentioned above–though we might use them and adore them!  What we do endorse are little ways to engage others–like make-up sharing and shopping!  Tell us what you love to use for your Bella Beauty routines!

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Picture of Jo Holt

Jo Holt

Jo is a carpooling, multi-tasking wife and mother of three whimsical teenagers, who frequents the sacraments and finds humor while juggling her complicated life and praying for the gift of bi-location, so she can enjoy the art of simplicity.

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