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Looking in the Rearview

I often get questions from my children about their guardian angels; how they can know they are there, what they do, why do we ask them to protect us, and why God gives us guardian angels. I usually talk about God’s love for us and about faith, about knowing something is there even if we can’t see it.

When my children get older the answer may be a bit more in depth and I will tell them that I can see my guardian angel most clearly by looking into the past.

There have been some very dark times in my life, times when I felt so far from God, times where I put myself in some very dangerous situations and have, by the grace of God and the protection of my guardian angel, walked out alive.

These are the times I can most clearly see my angel, watching over me and protecting me.

I can see it so lucidly as if I am looking at a photograph, the angel, soft in its embrace but covered in armor as it does battle with the evil it is protecting me from. Things often become more well-defined for me when reflecting on things of the past, and the role of my guardian angel is no exception. Reflect on the past in your own life.

When can you undoubtedly see and feel the love and protection of your own guardian angel?


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Erin Boelkens

Erin Boelkens is a devoted warrior of Christ, wife to an amazing husband, mother to 3 beautiful children, a leader in the tech industry, and a lover of efficiency.

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