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Lessons from My Littles

Lessons from Little Ones: Pain and Pigs

As is sit in the driver’s seat, a fevered, sneezing, coughing mess.

From the backseat: “Mom, what does Jesus do with our pain?”

Me: “Well, we when offer it to Him, He can turn it into something special.”

From the backseat: “Like, He will turn it into pigs? Pigs are special. And, nice.”

Me: “Humm, pigs are special. But, no. He doesn’t turn our pain into pigs. If you give your pain to Jesus, He will put it with his pain, like when He was on the Cross, and give it all to his Dad.  And, in a really cool, mysterious way, your pain is turned into help that Jesus and Mary can give to other people, to help them get to Heaven.”

From the Backseat: “How do I give my pain to Jesus?”

Me: “Do you remember your little prayer? All you have to do is say that little prayer and mean it.”

From the backseat: “Ok. Jesus, let my mom’s pain help someone else because I love you.”

Me: I wasn’t aware I needed that. But, I did. “Thanks little one.”

From the backseat: “You’re welcome. I wish He’d turn our pain into pigs. Pigs are tasty.”


My lesson: Offer little sufferings with joy. Big things are happening. And, cook some bacon.


Lessons from Little Ones: The Real Super Power

Me: “Hey little one. What’s up?”

From the couch: “Mom, I really wish Spiderman was real.”

Me: “Why do you wish he was real?”

From the couch: “He’s cool. He can fly around with his web. And he saves people.”

Me: “Oh! I know. He is so cool! I love that he helps people. But, we have someone even stronger than Spiderman to help us!”

From the couch: “Yep. God!”

Me: “That’s right! He loves saving people. He’s so powerful and strong. He can conquer all the bad guys using only a single word!”

From the couch: “Yeah. Love.”


My lesson: Yeah, love. Be love today.

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Sharon is wife to a happy husband and homeschooling mom of five fabulous kids.

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