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Leap of Faith

“Alright, Miss. Head over to the #7 computer, and good luck” the state police officer said to my daughter today.

We had been standing in line for over an hour for her to take her written exam for a learner’s permit. She had been a bundle of nerves, not knowing what to expect of her first attempt. I was so grateful that the officer was kind in a grandfatherly way, and I wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised if he had pulled a quarter out of her ear to get a smile.

I sat across the room watching my youngest child attempt this transition to the adult world.

I prayed for her in that moment that she would find her confidence, that all her preparations would be sufficient to carry her through, and that she was ready for this step.

My mind wanders as I think of all of the changes she has coming soon. Confirmation. High school. Driving. The middle school years lull you into thinking that time is still moving at a slower pace, but then the leaps into adulthood begin in earnest.

The next big leap for her is Confirmation in a few months, and I suppose my prayer for her is the same: that she finds her confidence through her faith, that all her preparations will be sufficient to carry her through her life, and that she is ready for this step that will give her the grace to form her into an adult in the eyes of her Church.

She bounces over to me, barely able to contain her excitement.

As she tucks her hair behind her ear, she whispers, “I PASSED!” Her grin is effervescent. It’s one that she pulls out for the Big Moments. This IS a Big Moment for her. There are so many more Big Moments yet to come in such a short period. It’s thrilling to see her accomplish her goals, but as parents, it’s terrifying to watch her leap. Are we confident? Have we prepared her? Are we ready for her next steps? It looks like it’s time to find out.

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Nicole Murphy

Nicole Murphy lives in Northwest Arkansas with her husband, son, and daughter. She’s the only non-musician in her house, no matter how hard she tries.

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