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Humbly We Pray

It’s been a while since many of us have been to Mass.  But, even after a long absence, on this Feast of Corpus Christi, some things remain the same!

There are moments in Mass when my tolerance of my littles is greater than other moments. And on the flip side, there are moments in the Mass when I would like to place my hand on their face and squish their mouth because I NEED THIS MOMENT with Jesus. Kid, don’t talk to me!

During the Eucharistic prayer in Mass, my heart is drawn to the alter when the priest says, “Humbly we pray…”

Those words are so powerful. At that moment, when I hear the words said, I seem to take a deep breath in and exhale as if I’m responding with, “Yes!” How humbling it is to knee alongside fellow Jesus-lovers during the transubstantiation of the Eucharist.

Although any offering I have to give in itself is imperfect,  joined with the offering of Christ, all of our praise and thanksgiving to the Father becomes perfect.

The completion of this sentence is as follows, “…that, partaking of the Body and Blood of Christ, we may be gathered into one by the Holy Spirit.”

During the Last Super, our Lord prayed for a unity that would endure throughout time, which is guided through the Holy Spirit. When the priest says “we,” it signifies that all the baptized present at the Eucharistic celebration make the sacrificial offering in union with Christ.

What I love about this, is that amidst all our imperfections, Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith endured the cross for us, and that through Him we, as Catholics, can partake in the Eucharist.

We are humbled to be welcomed back.

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Angela dreams of being a patient mom who has all her meals planned out a month in advance and laundry tucked away, all the while striving to embrace the moments God has given her family of six through their experiences in camping, paddle boarding and hiking.

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