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Go Make Something New

I had a wonderfully serendipitous experience recently. I had two different projects, one that began two years ago and one that began four years ago, that both came to completion on the same day. This was especially meaningful to me because both projects were things I had never done before, and both required me to tap into hidden creativity.

The value of creativity has been trying to get my attention for some time now.

How often do we come across baking shows, home design shows, and Lego-building shows? The thing that has most explicitly called my attention to this is researcher and speaker Brené Brown. Through her research, she has come to believe that creativity is not a luxury for those who have extra time, money, or talent. Creativity is something that exists within all of us, and we are missing out on the best version of ourselves if we do not tap into it.

Should this really come as a surprise to us?

After all, we are creations created in the image and likeness of our Creator.

It is written on our souls to be creative. Genesis clearly tells us that what God created was good and that we are called by God to subdue it. We are to harness the fruits of the earth and make it better. That is creativity.

A common brand theme for Bellator Society are the words: “Online warriors for the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.” Every person has the capacity to take what is around himself or herself and make something that is good, true, and beautiful. Creativity is not just for “creative people.” It is for us all.

The two projects that by random chance I completed on the same day were a collaborative effort with a fellow parishioner to self-publish a book of poetry on Amazon and a bespoke Stations of the Cross that I created with my school’s class of 2018.

The creativity within you can be anything: build a website, take some photographs, throw a pot on a wheel, plant some flowers, cook. What you create doesn’t matter. Just go do it. Try something new. Join with your creator and make something that right now does not exist. Make the world a more beautiful place for us all.


Jason Pohlmeier is sharing with Bellator Society the final publication of his project of the Stations of the Cross–just in time for Good Friday!  All Bellator Society subscribers (old and new!) will receive a free version of this e-publication from now through Easter 2020.  Please contact us, if you have subscribed here and have not received your Stations of the Cross by Jason Pohlmeier.

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Jason Pohlmeier

Jason is married to Bellator contributor Erin, and they have six children. Jason is a Catholic school principal and candidate for the permanent diaconate for the Diocese of Little Rock. He has degrees in Theology, Religious Education, and Catholic School Leadership.

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