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Getting Trendy

Sisters, we live in a culture where beauty standards are dictated by popular media and celebrity trends. There’s so much to account for as we strive to maintain some semblance of trendy togetherness.

Social media queens promise eternal life with this particular hair care product and accompanying routine (okay, major hyperbole, but I think I’ve made my point). This crazy entertaining and glamorous beauty industry offers many, many ways to accomplish the ultimate look.

There’s even a more positive trend in recent years of loving the skin you’re in and embracing your natural assets (ahem).

This is a major step for a business built on making women feel inadequate in their appearance to sell products. Let me be clear, I’m not here to hate on the beauty industry. I believe women should have the freedom to utilize beauty products as much or as little as makes them feel comfortable. There’s an important distinction between altering our appearance for the benefit of others versus the benefit of ourselves.

Although, dressing up for the benefit of others isn’t inherently negative either.

Dressing up to catch the eye of your partner or attract a particular type of crowd could be an expression of inner confidence, which in my opinion, should be encouraged (for legitimate reasons). For me, putting effort into our appearance becomes an unnecessary burden if the end game is to obtain love and attention we cannot find within ourselves.

No amount of appearance-altering products can make a person truly happy.

I, like so many other women, have learned this the hard way. It’s such a cliche quip, but exterior beauty means nothing if interior beauty isn’t just as or more beautiful. Cultivating a deep relationship with our Lord, who formed me in me mother’s womb and knows even the count of hairs on my head, has helped me to see myself the way He sees me.

Isn’t that overwhelmingly beautiful?

Even on days when I barely managed to shower and run out the door with wet hair and unmoisturized skin, the King of the Universe reminds me of my dignity and worth as His daughter.  No amount of beauty products or miracle elixers can add to or take away from my worth–the worth I find in my daily prayer time with the One who loves me most.

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Picture of Juliane Pierini

Juliane Pierini

Juliane is a mid-twenty something cradle Catholic navigating a complicated, crazy, beautiful world centered around the Sacraments. She is passionate about working with young people in their formative years in college by enabling them to see their full potential as children of God while pursuing their dreams.

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