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Ecumenism Series: Mixed Breed

Today’s Bellator Guest Contributor is Candice Dye, friend of Bellator Society.


Jesus created us ALL, but He created us all uniquely!  We survive and thrive together because of our similarities but also because of our differences.

Can’t we all just get along?

If you had to put a label on me, you’d have to call me a mixed breed.  My mother grew up Catholic, my father grew up Baptist, and then by the time I was a young child we as a family grew up Methodist.

We all have so very much in common – I mean we all believe in Jesus, right?!!!  Yet, there are so many subtle differences from one Christian faith to the other. If you really look at it even within a certain Christian faith there are differences.  This is, however, what makes us uniquely created by God!!  Thank You Jesus for not making us a bunch of robots marching around without the ability to have our own opinions and thoughts on things.

What unites us is Jesus and that is what matters the most!!

This probably wasn’t the first time I sang with our children’s church choir, but it is my first memory of that special bond created by love of and work for Jesus.  It was in small town Arkansas and I was singing a song with my friends that we had worked on so hard in our choir practices.  I remember how special it was to actually know the words and perform it (despite my non-vocal talents) that Sunday.  Some of those friends I sang with on that day are still my friends to this day.  It is because of Jesus that we are united.  We shared our love for Jesus at such a young age and despite distance, years, and maybe not seeing each other very often, we pick right up where we left off.

The tie that binds.

My children have been in daycare since they were 3 months old.  They have been in Christian and hospital daycares and schools.  However, despite the location they have always had teachers who weaved God in to their days, sometimes routinely, sometimes subtly.  When we moved out of state and from a hospital based childcare center to a Catholic Christian centered one, our oldest child who was all of 3 at the time started to learn the signing of the cross.  This became her practice after blessing her meals.

I never will forget one of our first trips back home after the move and letting her bless our meal with some of our family after which she promptly signed the cross and I waited on pins and needles to see if and what the reaction would be from our non-Catholic family.  It was beautiful, and we yet again were being taught by His youngest the way to Him.

Jesus is the tie that binds.

He is the giver of life.  He gave you life, and He gave me life.  Praise be to God! Our differences make us uniquely His and we all have our set of talents, big and small, that when used according to Him, will glorify His name.

I’m so thankful for the mixed breed label that I carry.  I, just like you, are His, and I will continue to strive to receive others as they are, share who I am, and focus on the tie that binds us all, Jesus!


Candice is a wife, mother, and physician who does her best to raise her two children in a Christian home while professionally caring for the children of her community and teaching the next generation of pediatricians. 

She is a die hard Razorback fan living in University of Alabama territory! Her quiet yet confident walk with the Lord inspires and encourages all who have the joy to be in her circle.  Candice has a full plate at all times yet is willing to say yes to her friends whenever she is called upon. She is a true Christian servant. Thank you, Candice! We love you so!!

Love, Tracy and Fran

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