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Easter Bunny Training

My friends like to tell me that my love language is “gifts.” I probably do go a little overboard most holidays. I cannot confirm nor deny having bought the extra-large Easter basket because the others weren’t going to be big enough. I know that isn’t the point of Easter celebrations, but I delight in giving thoughtful gifts. And with Easter, I love finding unique Catholic items for my littles (and occasionally my husband, which makes him crazy because “I didn’t get you anything!”).

My kids’ Easter Baskets always include a book, and clearly there will be chocolate and jelly beans, but here are some other ideas if you are looking for something different this year to stash next to the chocolate bunny!

Teenagers(and maybe Adults because we need goodies too!)

  • Madeforchrist has beautiful, colorful stickers that look awesome on water bottles, coffee cups, tablets, etc. (I may have an addiction – I’ve ordered so many!)
  • My husband recently gave me a beautiful icon from Portraits of Saints. The shop carries more than just the typical favorites. Seriously – St. Anslem, St. Colette, St. Giles, St. Hubert? (And if an icon is too big for budget or basket, they also have bookmarks.)
  • Sock Religious has some fantastic fun prints. You can conservatively do the Keys to the Kingdom Argyle or boldly go with St. Therese of Lisieux.


  • Tiny Saints has adorable zipper pulls with your favorite saints. Free shipping if you spend $20, which might explain the quantity on book bags, sports and dance bags at our house.
  • Want to give your little one a stuffey, but not sure about a bunny? What about a custom saint? The Little Rose Shop made a St. Elizabeth of Hungary for my little that is super sweet. (If she can’t get it done in time for Easter, bookmark her for Christmas!)
  • Both of my kids are fans of the Holy Heroes Saint CDs. A good friend turned us onto these years ago and they have been awesome for quiet time in rooms or on road trips when you just need a break!


  • The Keen Bean has the CUTEST soft baby shoes – nuns, holy men, and Immaculate/Sacred Hearts. There are even coordinating burp cloths and bibs. Oh my word. Precious!!
  • Chews Life carries soft saint bracelets, rosaries and pacifier clips. This is the kind of thing I always loved having in our diaper bag for mass when the kids were babies. Fewer nasty looks in the pew if they are holding a soft miraculous medal!
  • Babies, Bow Ties and Bobbins offers soft crinkle books of Saints, stuffed Saint rattles, and cute crinkly toys with Saints and other patterns. (Maybe don’t put this in the mass bag…)

And I would be remiss not to mention one of my newest finds for Easter this year. . .Bellator Society’s gorgeous Holy Week paper placemats!

Obviously these are some of my go-to’s for Catholic gifts. What are yours??

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Brooke Glover

Brooke is the slacker wife to a wise and holy deacon of the Catholic Church, and also a mom to a sportsaholic son and budding thespian daughter.

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