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Carline Mercies

Our children go to Catholic schools.  We LOVE our children’s Catholic education.  Everything about it…

Well, almost everything. 

I think the Lord must love me so much because our delightful, beautiful, God-filled school provides me with opportunity after opportunity for prayer, patience, fasting, and purification because the car line gets me EVERY TIME!

All I can say is that my youngest (who is the only one currently being picked up in this car line) has been properly catechized in car line pick up and is really a model for all school children.  She SPRINTS to me!  She has been well formed in car line etiquette by my HEROES, the staff at our former school in Colorado. 

You see, it was daily practice for one teacher to stand at the end and YELL, with a BULL HORN, “Eddy at the front!  Eddy at the front!”  Bull horn teacher would go onto say, “Smith in the middle! Jones in the back!” and so on and so forth.  Whilst the bull horn teacher called out the cars, another group of teachers would wave their hands like traffic cops in an emergency so cars would move up FAST and the other group of teachers would look for the children who belonged in the approaching cars.  Teachers kept kids hustling, opened car doors, exchanged quick smiles with Mom (or Dad or Granny or Nanny), slammed the door and off you went. 

I don’t believe in coincidences! 

I know that God had a hand in the socially acceptable hours of schooling.  There is absolutely no way he would allow us to endure car lines and such without his unfathomable divine mercy.  It is not lost on me that afternoon pick up is around the 3 o’clock Hour of Mercy!

I try to not ever let the 3 PM hour come and go without at least an acknowledgment and quick prayer invoking the mercy of Jesus as directed to St. Faustina. 

When I can, I play the divine mercy app on my phone and pray it while waiting for my girl! I highly recommend finding a good app!  For me, it is a great time to fill my heart with Jesus’ mercy instead of road rage. 🙂

Onward picker uppers!  Warrior up!  Be a Bellator in your domestic church, the world, and especially the car line.

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Tracy Eddy

Tracy is a bella mom to three beautiful girls and a bella wife to one lucky guy!

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