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Bellator Colloquium Podcast: The Awfulizer with Kristin Maher

Please join us on Bellator Colloquium this week as we chat with the Kristin Maher about her new book, The Awfulizer:  Learning to Overcome the Shame Game.

Kristin is no stranger to Bellator Society. . .she wrote a beautiful piece for us for our Ecumenism series about her marriage to Christian Worship Leader and Music Artist, Matt Maher.

On this podcast, she gives us such wonderful insight into her own struggle with shame and how we can recognize and fight it in our lives.  Her book is all about helping our children win the battle, too.  Kristin has a warrior heart for sharing this message and we couldn’t be happier to share more of her with you!  Her book is available everywhere books are sold. . .and on her website.

Have a listen, then go on over to Kristin’s website and let her know we sent you!  You will love her as much as we do!

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