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Bellator Colloquium Episode 11: Mary

We are closing up our two week series on the Blessed Virgin Mary with a podcast and a special guest!  Come have a listen as we chat with Greta Carswell, of The Tolkien Road podcast, about her journey to the Catholic Church and her journey to a relationship with Mary!

With understanding and sensitivity to the difficulties non-Catholics have about the Catholic Church’s veneration of Jesus’ Mother, Greta helps us find news ways to talk about her and share the beauty of her motherhood with us.

And. . .stick around for the Last Little Bit. . .er, Last Big Bit!

We are talking Harry Potter and the recent scandal about a Nashville Catholic school removing the book series from their library.  Spoiler alert–no matter which side you find yourself on in the Harry Potter debate, the Good always wins.

Click here to listen!

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