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Baby Catholics

I love children – all ages. I love the musings and made up words of toddlers. (My recent favorites from my youngest nephew include “pupperponi chippa” = pepperoni pizza and his mash-up pronoun “sher”.) I love those middle years when kids are finding their own and yes, even the teenagers who are too cool for school. And babies, well, they are the sweet, sweet nectar of life.

I love them all. I love their joy in life and how it so often spills out in great big belly laughs.

I love their curious minds and how even the youngest among us can be so poignant in her observations.

While I have not had the privilege of having my own children, I have been blessed to be an aunt many times over and to share in the lives of the children of dear friends. Incredible joy fills my heart and soul when each of them is baptized, especially when given the honor to be Godmother.  In my life, I have received no greater honor than being asked to be a Godmother, a Confirmation sponsor, and a sponsor to a Catechumen.

No degree, promotion, award, or the like can compare to being chosen for a role based on my faith and love for Christ.

Having gone through RCIA as a sponsor, each Easter I am struck by the amount of dedication put forth by each Catechumen and candidate not only with the hours of class instruction, but the trust, acceptance, and courageous faith in the teachings of the Church. It’s surreal, really.

So much like the forming baby in the womb, they become “baby Catholics” by preparing for months and then the day arrives when life is changed forever. These new members to our Church home now become practicing Catholics – just like the rest of us – working out our salvation a day at a time. And the sponsors, like Godparents, continue to provide guidance, support, and prayer along the way.

This Easter season, be on the lookout for the new baby Catholics.

They will still need our prayers as they commence this new Catholic life they sought and have now embraced. But also keep in mind that these babies may have new life to offer all of us – filled with fresh knowledge, love, and overflowing with grace.

Happy Easter, congratulations, and welcome home!

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Amy Schluterman

Amy loves quality time with family and friends. She enjoys crafting, photography, and decorating. Amy is a Speech Pathologist at a pediatric hospital.

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