Aging Gracefully

I recently turned 40, and my husband, John, threw me a surprise birthday party! He told me about a month before my birthday that he would be taking our immediate family to London for a week. He told me I would need a few nice dresses as he had planned some special dinners. Since I … Read more

The Marrying Kind

Our children are adopted from Eastern Europe. Adoption doesn’t define our family, but it is a big part of who we are. We met our youngest daughter when she was five and adopted her when she was six. For her first Christmas, she asked for a baby doll. She had never had her very own. … Read more

Say Kucias

Say Kucias (coochas) five times fast!  You will giggle.  It is the funny name of a beautiful Lithuanian tradition. Beautiful because it is rich in symbolism.  It is rich in meaning and history too.  It is not rich in meat or heat, however, because it is a traditional Christmas Eve feast that consists of 12 cold … Read more