Bellator Scriptor

On Freedom

I have hope that, one day, the mention of freedom in this country will no longer be a reminder of a unjust system, our flag will no longer be a symbol of a broken struggle for equality, but something we will all be able to celebrate with joy and pride as we look back on the hard work and progress we made when we came together. 

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Tracy Eddy

Father of Girls

I can see so clearly that each valley and mountaintop in John’s life has been pruning him, forming him, and stretching him to be the dad he is to our daughters. 

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Brad Ostrom

Nearer to Neri

As inspiring as it is to see a life like St. Philip’s, it can also be disheartening; some saint stories are just hard to relate to. 

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Elizabeth Jara

In Memoriam: Michael Moyles

Veteran’s Day is meant to honor those who have served in the military, but Memorial Day is reserved for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country- an All Soul’s Day for warriors.

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Angie Elser

St. Rita

St. Rita is the saint of the impossible and the model for women, widows, and nuns. She is also an intercessor for difficult marriages, challenges in motherhood, spiritual motherhood, divorce, parenthood, and bodily ills. Her feast day is celebrated on May 22.

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Regina Donahue

Lovely Rita

Seven years ago, at the age of 26, I found myself questioning my strength to rely on God in a moment that felt impossible.

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Kristi Bentley

Illumination of Conscience

So I sat down that afternoon with a plan to go to Confession as soon as I could, and as I began to pray and examine my conscience I was flooded in my heart in a way that I cannot explain with words.

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