Bellator Scriptor

Three Dreamy Reads

I didn’t know what I wanted to “do” when I “grew up,” but I knew one constant in my life had been a love of reading and writing, so I chose English Literature.

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Tommy Humphries

The Sacramentality of your Local Church

We still live near the chapel in which my wife accepted my proposal for marriage. There are layers of meaning in that place. This is often what we mean when we speak of “sacramentality,” there are layers of meaning kept between the body and soul.

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Erin Pohlmeier

The Port: My Sacred Place

This place, “The Port,” was often my place of refuge, a spot where I would seek the solitude and rest I was often looking for during my college years.

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Angie Elser

The Archabbey

When I was a young girl, I remember listening to stories told by my uncle, Fr. Jim, about a place he called “The Archabbey.” In my mind, I tried to imagine what this particular place looked like. He described it as “a grand, holy, old church building with twin steeples rising to the sky.” As

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Erin Bayard


Growing up where I did, where Catholic churches are located every few miles, we had the luxury of deciding what time to go, what church, and even what priest.

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Jason Pohlmeier

Carving Out the Sacred

The miners spent their days and nights in the mine. Their choice was either to have no church or to literally carve a sacred space out of rock and salt.

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