Bellator Scriptor

On Freedom

I have hope that, one day, the mention of freedom in this country will no longer be a reminder of a unjust system, our flag will no longer be a symbol of a broken struggle for equality, but something we will all be able to celebrate with joy and pride as we look back on the hard work and progress we made when we came together. 

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Franchelle Jaeger

A Snapshot of Mom

“From the first moment of the Church all Christians who have sought the love of God—that love revealed in Jesus Christ—have encountered our Lady and experienced her motherly care.”

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Erin Pohlmeier

Life in the Spirit

Today, let us live out a new Pentecost and invite the Holy Spirit into our lives in a new and deeper way, knowing that when we surrender our lives to Him we will never be the same.

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Tommy Humphries

Returning to the Altar of the Lord

As we approach Pentecost, the faithful are being invited to return to Mass under various protocols released by our Bishops. In many ways, this return has been like first Communion a second time. Perhaps an adult version of second grade Sunday School is needed.

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Erin Bayard

Lady, Strong

Putting people in boxes has never been my “thing.” It’s never all that neat, as we all belong (and rightfully so) in far too many boxes.

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