Bellator Scriptor

On Freedom

I have hope that, one day, the mention of freedom in this country will no longer be a reminder of a unjust system, our flag will no longer be a symbol of a broken struggle for equality, but something we will all be able to celebrate with joy and pride as we look back on the hard work and progress we made when we came together. 

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Angela Green

Humbly We Pray

It’s been a while since many of us have been to Mass.  But, even after a long absence, on this Feast of Corpus Christi, some things remain the same!

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Nicole Lashbrook

The Great Washing

Washing your hands was one way to prepare. Mind you, being able to eat the meal was never in question. The meal was waiting for you, you just needed to get ready.

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Anna Ostrom

St. Ephrem, the “Harp of Heaven”

I had never heard of him, but my husband certainly knew how to generate a new devotee when he informed me that St. Ephrem has been known as the “Harp of Heaven” due to his prolific poetry, much of which were hymns.

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