Bellator Scriptor

Three Dreamy Reads

I didn’t know what I wanted to “do” when I “grew up,” but I knew one constant in my life had been a love of reading and writing, so I chose English Literature.

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Marietta Ward

Born for Us

Today I pondered Isaiah who prophesized “For a son has been born for us, a son has been given to us, and dominion has been laid on his shoulders” (Is 9:6) which reminds me that from the moment of birth, we had a claim to Jesus Christ.

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Rachel Simpson

Ordinary Devotion

The majority of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus’s life together was unremarkable, yet they radically altered the course of the world in Heaven and on earth.

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Tracy Eddy

Say Kucias

Say Kucias (coochas) five times fast!  You will giggle. It is the funny name of a beautiful Lithuanian tradition. 

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Franchelle Jaeger

Not As Planned

Hey, how’s 2020 going?  Have you had your fill of nog yet?  Everything wrapped?  Did anyone ruin Christmas yet?

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Angie Elser

Be The Christ Not the Crowd

Why do chords of constraint seem to be struck when family is gathered together? In these instances, I remind myself to Be the Christ not the Crowd.

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