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The Silent Witness of St. Joseph

I had received spiritual direction last December to do the “Consecration to St. Joseph” before the year of St. Joseph had been announced. He will guide you the same way that he guided the Holy family. We chose the Feast Day of Married Spouses for our Consecration Day. This day just happened to be the date of my parents anniversary.

St. Joseph was speaking to us before we even began.

As we journeyed through the consecration days, I thought of the many times he was in our lives quietly, humbly guiding us through St. Joseph’s Parish in Waconia, MN even when we didn’t even know it. Our oldest son made his first communion here, our youngest was baptized here and my husband received his Confirmation into the Catholic Church. This Church sits as a beacon of hope on a hill overlooking Lake Waconia. Generations of families have been a part of this community and for five years we were blessed to have such significant life changes happen for our family in this community.

Before my husband’s conversion and the birth and baptism of our youngest, St. Joseph brought me healing when my mom passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. Through the times when I had to compose words to share with my family at her funeral, I gained courage to start lectoring during Mass. I figured if I was courageous enough to stand in front of people and speak at my most broken vulnerable time, I could use my voice to read for Christ.

During these pivotal moments, we were completely unaware that St. Joseph was silently protecting us just as he protected Mary and Jesus.

In Part II of The Consecration to St. Joseph, Fr. Calloway shares the Wonders of Our Spiritual Father. The 8th Wonder is Silent Witness.

“Saint Joseph’s silence and humility are the foundation of his greatness. Of all the men God could have chosen to be the earthly father of Jesus Christ, God selected St. Joseph, the most silent of all men.”

A statue of Joseph has been placed on the side of the altar at our current church.  As our youngest son Blake served at 7:00AM Mass this weekend, and my husband contemplatively prayed next to me, I realized that St. Joseph humbly guided our time of sorrow and joy while in Waconia, MN and continued to silently lead us to this moment.

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Teri Nisser

Teri is an “avant-garde” hound of the Lord or more easily stated, a lay Dominican. She and her husband Dan have endeavored new adventures across the US and abroad throughout their 26 years of marriage with their three amazing almost adult children.

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