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Who We Are

Joan of Arc, Warrior and Saint: “Act, and God will act.” The Bellator Society is our Act of Hope for God to do something amazing.

The Bellator Society is an online initiative for Catholic evangelism and Christian ecumenism. We are a society committed to what is true, good, and beautiful. We are warriors, Bellators, on mission to make the world a better place one click at a time. We are a crossroads for Catholic and culture. We are a cursor pointing to all the things that can make your day better and your life richer through your online experience.

We believe that the internet can be won for God. We are his Bellators.

Our vision was born of a desire to create a platform that would connect us in a collective of hearts and minds who share our goal to bring more goodness to the things we consume through media. We want to be the Catholic click for quality content that nourishes your soul and brightens the darkened corners of the web.

Tracy Eddy


Tracy Eddy is co-founder of the Bellator Society. She is a bella mom to three beautiful girls and a bella wife to one lucky guy! In her previous life, she worked on the state and federal level in government and politics. She is passionate about family life, adoption, orphan care, good manners, community building and masterpiece theater!

Franchelle Jaeger


Franchelle is co-founder of the Bellator Society. But, mostly, she’s a spectacularly flawed follower of Jesus Christ. She and her husband have four sons and go back and forth about whether God gave them all boys because they are good at raising them or because He knows they need a lot of practice. She has a degree in Theatre and after a short-lived career upon the wicked stage, she maintains her craft by acting like she is keeping her head above water enough to do stuff on the internet.

Our Contributors

Meet the Bellators, our winsome warriors, collaborating with us to make this corner of the web a better place.